Mission de la Casa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


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Website | (408) 238-9751
2501 Alvin Ave, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2501 Alvin Ave, San Jose, CA 95121, USA
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Google Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars (15 total ratings)

Lefuafua Sheffield
5 Star
I was skeptical about sending my mother to a /any rehab facility(online horror stories). My mom had severe pain in her knee and ankle which made it difficult for her to walk on her own. After spending less than two weeks at Mission de la Casa she was to walk without pain or assistance. The physical therapists were miracle workers. Mission de la Casa changed my thoughts about EVERYTHING. From the front desk, admitting, nurses, meal prep( mom’s vegetarian), physical therapy, cleanliness, to the activities staff everyone was very helpful and accommodating. Mission de la Casa deserved all their awards. Thank You for taking good care of my mom ( Miliama)!
Wednesday 1st May 2024
Denthui Ot
5 Star
This place the staff is very kind and attentive. The patient's room is very clean. I feel very secure when I bring my mother here for treatment. Sincere thanks to all of you as a model doctor.
Thursday 26th January 2023
jess fazz
1 Star
Updated 9/7/2016 I live in Texas and my mother is staying at Mission de la Casa nursing home in San Jose California. Today I talked with my mother and she told me how happy she is there. This is reassuring news because of the many horror stories that come from facilities like these. I am thankful to the majority of the members of the staff who go out of the way to make the residence comfortable and because many of them are friendly caring people that have a lot of love in their hearts. It is because of these outstanding individuals that make this place a good place. My mother has an extreme case of arthritis which renders the use of her limbs useless so she depends on the staff for everything. This includes bathing and incontinence care. A Certain member of the administration came into my mothers room was extremely rude! This woman came into my mother room while my mother was having her meal in her room this administrator came in with some paperwork and sat in front of my mother. Now like most elderly patience there they are lonely, so when my mother tried to start a conversation with this female administrator when this evil woman coldly told my mother "Don't talk when you are eating" Apparently disrespect and and the lack of common courtesy is trait that exemplified by the upper levels of management! ! This is the second time that this administration has demonstrated a total lack of professionalism and decorum. This administrator apparently does not care about the residence and treats them all with gross disgust. This is a true tragedy and very sad. This place deserves 5 stars however until this woman is relieved from her job I will only give this place 1 star. Of course this institution wants potential clientele to believe that they are a compassionate and caring facility and for the most part it is true but the facts are that in every institution there are bad apples and this place is no different. Again I am grateful to the majority of the staff of Mission de la Casa because they do a great job and should be commended. They work in very stressful thankless jobs that most people will not do. They are hard working decent people who are the real heart and soul of this facility. I do not wish to appear vindictive or unappreciative because it is not the truth. I will continue to monitor the progress on this facility and update this review.
Thursday 8th September 2016
Karriza Siaotong
1 Star
This facility mission de la casa in San Jose CA has been withholding COVID test results to nurse and workers. Not telling them a week or so later that they are positive for COVID, when the nurse or worker has already been in contact with family, friends, and non COVID patients spreading the virus. This nursing home facility mission de la casa in San Jose CA, is worsening the pandemic. Endangering lives with how irresponsible and disgusting their attitude of how they are handling the COVID pandemic. Mission de la casa in San Jose CA is a disgrace to the medical community.
Sunday 27th December 2020
Fred Merino
1 Star
My brother was a long term patient there under there care got STAGE 4 bed sores they have a two good CNA’S and 3 good nurse’s unfortunately rest fall short I even had one nurse tell I should place my brother in hospice I told management and had him move away from that nurse. So I don’t recommend anyone place there loved ones In THIS CARE FACILITY
Friday 3rd June 2022